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" I designed it with the

attention to details

you know she deserves."

Located in Richmond Hill, Ontario, the pair sold a small variety of jewellery brands and watches, but primarily focused their attention on custom jewellery design.  Seventeen years later, and with their parents' blessing, the brothers finally opened the doors to their own manufacturing company, Beverly Hills Jewellers, in 1999.  

Born in France, but of Italian descent, Vaccaro's family moved to Canada when he was only four years old. With both parents working as jewellery polishers, Vaccaro began to train at his father's side by eight years old. After attending George Brown College, Vaccaro worked as a jeweller polisher, but ultimately decided to focus on diamond setting. Eventually, Vaccaro and his brother, Cosmo, were ready to dive head-first into the manufacturing industry together. Prepared to open their own factory, their parents aptly cautioned - in order to truly understand what is required of a manufacturer, the brothers must experience the retail industry firsthand,  And so, heeding their parents advice, the brothers opened their first retail jewellery store. 



From creating their own designs, to producing their own hand-made wooden jewellery trays to order, both brothers took extreme pride in the meticulious creation of each individual piece. With Cosmo overseeing the factory, and Vaccaro responsible for sales and stone setting, the two brothers tackled the industry together hands-on. But in 2006, when Cosmo passed away, Vaccaro had to make the difficult decision to carry on the business he and his brother had built together.

Today, Beverly Hills Jewellers employs a staff of over 70 Canadians,

and is proud to be Keeping Canadians Working.

Vaccaro continues to pass on his dedication and attention to detail to his talented and skilled team of jewellers, polishers, setters, casters and more.  Staying true to the company's foundation on family values, Vaccaro has continued to maintain the trademarks and traditions of old-world Canadian craftsmanship. Filled with a deep sense of gratitude towards the country that provided his parents with invaluable opportunities, Vaccaro pays tribute to the country he calls home by exclusively using Truly Canadian Certified Gold and featuring exquisite Canadian diamonds in many of his styles and collections, Now with over 1000 retailers across Canada, the success of

Beverly Hills mirrors the success of its loyal customers.

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